Practical Leadership
for Pinellas County

“Pinellas County is a model for individual freedom, pro-business policy, environmental stewardship and being a compassionate community. From our students to our Veterans, our beaches to our Main Streets, I’ll fight to keep Pinellas prosperous for every resident and preserve the things that make our home such an incredible place to live.”
Eggers is the current Chair of the Pinellas County Commission. He was first elected to the Commission in November 2014, and during his time in office, he has served on various boards that addressed issues such as transportation, economic development, and water utility.

Dave Eggers was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but was raised in Peru and Guatemala as his parents moved there early in his childhood. He speaks Spanish and holds a great appreciation for latin culture. He attended Duke University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering before completing his MBA at the University of Pittsburgh. Eggers has been heavily involved with the community through the Greater Dunedin Little League where he coached for more than 14 years, including a couple trips to the World Series; he also served as Chairman of the Board at Mease Continuing Care.

Eggers served as Chairman of the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce before he was elected as a Dunedin City Commissioner and later as Mayor of Dunedin. Since entering public service, Eggers has proudly worked with our Veterans though service on the Bay Pines Community-Veterans Engagement Committee and successfully fought for Purple Heart Designations for both the city of Dunedin and Pinellas County.

Eggers and his wife, Becky, have 2 adult children, Ryan and Emily.

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Dave Eggers on the Issues

Dave knows that private-sector job growth drives economic prosperity. That is why he’ll fight for a more responsive building department, and economic incentives that create real, long lasting jobs in Pinellas County, not temporary handouts.
Our Law Enforcement have one of the toughest jobs there is, and they always have our back. We need to make sure local government has theirs by fully funding our police departments.
Infrastructure and transportation improvements are vital to maintaining safety and keeping up with growth in Pinellas County. Dave is committed to fight traffic congestion, improve resiliency, ensuring public funds are invested properly in these important public resources.
Dave is passionate about the mental and physical wellness of our Veterans. Since 2014, Dave served on the Bay Pines Community-Veterans Engagement Board to help improve communication between the VA and Veteran families. He also fought to give Pinellas a Purple Heart County designation. Our nation is built on the sacrifices of our Veterans, and Dave will always support them.
Dave Eggers is leading the fight on the County Commission to roll back the millage rate and give back more tax dollars to Pinellas County property owners. It’s your money – you deserve to keep it.

Our natural environment is vital to our way of life and our economy. Dave has a record of fighting to preserve land that is integral to our natural ecosystem, and we can count on him to continue protecting our environment. 
I’ll fight to keep Pinellas prosperous for every resident and preserve the things that make our home such an incredible place to live.


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